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RTI as used in the Knox County Schools the good, the bad, and the ugly a parent speaks to the board of education.
"I assure you there is no more powerful advocate for children than a parent armed with information and options."

Ron Paige, Secretary U.S. Dept. of Education


What is PTC's Neuropsychological and Psychoeducational Testing Service?

We provide comprehensive psychological, psychoeducational, and neuropsychological assessments, as well as special education advocacy services for children and adolescents. Our assessments can help identify the nature and extent of many learning, behavioral, and emotional problems. Our special education advocates can work with you and your school to ensure that your child receives the school-based services they need to be successful. Psychological, psychoeducational and neuropsychological testing is useful when children have difficulties learning or when they struggle with behavioral, emotional or social issues.
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When is a neuropsychological and psychoeducational testing evaluation needed?

What questions can be answered by a neuropsychological and psychoeducational testing evaluation?

Does the student have significant cognitive deficits? Are there memory or thought process impairments? How much have they actually achieved academically? Are they capable of doing better?

How can neuropsychological and psychoeducational testing assist older students who are transitioning to high school or college?

Psychological Testing Consultants supports families in identifying placements following testing. Usually it is our advocate or the family's attorney that takes the lead role in exploring placement options. We also conduct comparative special education program evaluations to assist families and 3rd party payers in making the final decision on a placement.

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