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Independent Educational Evaluations

A parentís right to obtain an independent educational evaluation needs publicity. April 6, 2015

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Right to Obtain an Independent Educational Evaluation

Shameful - Educationally Related Testing Not Covered by Health Insurance

It is this professional's opinion that the Massachusetts Division of Insurance, the health insurance lobby, the Massachusetts Department of Education, and the political influence of public sector unions, collude to exclude educationally related neuropsychological and psycho-educational testing from health insurance coverage. Dubious, capricious, and arbitrary explanations of "medical necessity" are provided by insurance companies such as "neuropsychological testing (NPT) is considered as medically necessary when provided to aid in the assessment of cognitive impairment due to medical or psychiatric conditions" and "NPT or PT for educational reasons is not covered - this testing is usually provided by school systems under applicable state and federal rules - NPT or PT performed for educational reasons is not considered treatment of disease." Such logic is twisted into a pretzel for sure but it is also profligate logic.

Important considerations for parents before accepting a finding of ineligibility for special education.

I would caution you against accepting the districtís non-eligibility decision carte blanche. Having a special education advocate or educational psychologist review the school districtís initial evaluation for special education eligibility is a prudent step for parents to take. In most circumstances it is also prudent to get an independent evaluatorís opinion from outside the school district. In any event, the critical question that needs to be addressed by educators is whether or not your child is making effective progress academically given his general intellectual potential Ė Is he/she realizing academically the full expression of his/her intellect?
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